Time is ticking on and we are both broken, but in different ways. Karl feels like a broken man. He is really struggling to feed his body with the right foods to repair the muscles. He feels constantly tired and his legs are always feeling heavy. This is starting to affect his training. Although the Sports Therapy department at Coventry University have been really helpful with nutrition tips, Karl´s living arrangements and work/sleep patterns are not helping. He has spoken to James Golding, our support contact at Leisure Lakes bike store who has given him some realistic tips that he can follow. Time will tell but Karl is hopeful that this will help from now on.

It´s not me that is broken, it´s my bike. Over the last couple of days I have noticed a creaking noise coming from the bearings that allow the smooth rotation of the pedals. Despite a good clean and lubrication, the noise got louder and louder. I diverted my ride to the bike shop yesterday and my fears were confirmed. The bearings have collapsed, along with the bearings in the back wheel. Disaster. The parts have been ordered and are planned to be fitted next week, thankfully under warranty. The bike is only 6 months old so I am worried that it will not be up to the long journey ahead. It cost nearly £1300 so I did not expect this would happen so soon. I thought normal wear and tear would not have an effect yet. I have been assured that this is not normal and the replacement parts would be stronger than the originals. We will see.

I suppose if this adventure was easy it would be boring……………………