Day 1

So it’s been a long time coming but we finally set off from Daventry Grocery at 10am this morning. We had a great send off from everyone there before we rode the very short distance over the road to Daventry Clothing. What we experienced there choked us both up. All movements had been stopped in the yard and we rode around the whole building. When we arrived at Goods Out we were greeted by a line of Stobart tractor units all sounding their horns together and what looked like well over 50 people cheering and clapping. We had only been riding for 5 mind were so grateful for the reception we received. We stopped for some photos and was presented with a collection bucket containg some serious cash. So from there we rode to Warwick store. The wind was very strong and gusty but we made good time arriving at 11.45.

When we entered the store we were greeted by the whole of the management team with a banner welcoming us to the store. They had also reproduced the route on a board as a backdrop. During our time at at store we were made very welcome and suplied6 with refreshments while we collected some money at front of store. Everyone was very friendly and we had some good interaction with customers as well.

Are they all on a mission to bring me down? Sacrifice themselves for the greater good. One way or another I am overdosing on my protein intake. When I get home I should be hungry but feel like I have just eaten a three course meal. And how unpleasant must it look to passing motorists to see me spitting onto the grass verge?

We left Warwick at 1pm on our way to Evesham. Although the sun started to come out the wind just got stronger and stronger. No matter what direction we rode in, the wind was always in our face and was gusting so strongly, at times we were blown all over the road. It was a good job the van was behind us for protection. We arrived at the hotel in Evesham just before 4pm and although our first day was just short of 50 miles it felt much further due to the wind. So tomorrow is just over 60 miles to just north of Bristol via Quedgeley store. On the whole an enjoyable day with some lasting memories of how Tesco staff pull together to do something special. Hope there’s more of that to come.