Day 10

Before I write this little passage now, I have to check yesterday’s to see what day it is. You very easily lose track of where you are when your routine is the same everyday. Today was Goole to Northallerton via York Extra store. We woke to bright sunshine and very little wind, perfect. We really have been blessed with some very good weather so far.

The road north was relatively flat and fast and the scenery just stunning in places. We rode through the centre of York. What a great city. I will definitely be going back there. We arrived at York Extra at around 11.30 to a fairly low key but none the less warm welcome. We collected at the front of the store and chatted with customers and the store manager for a while before going to the staffroom for a lovely, healthy buffet that had been prepared for us. Fully refreshed, we pressed on for Northallerton.

The sun got very fierce in the afternoon and we were both pleased to arrive at our stopover at around 4pm. Today has to rank as one of the best we have had. We know what is ahead of us now. Tomorrow we leave for Middlesbrough and Washington with a finish line in Newcastle. Everyone has told us that the hills will start to bite and we have measured the route at 80 miles. Lets hope we can at least stay ahead of the rain.