Day 13

Day 13. Kelso to Livingston. The weather was much cooler today. No significant wind but temperatures more like we had during our winter training. We left at 9.30 knowing we had another really hard day ahead. The weather got colder and then started to rain, heavy enough for our waterproofs. We had been so lucky with the weather up until now. This was a shock to the system and we both struggled to stay warm.

The hills were making us sweat and that sweat went cold very quickly. A really horrible feeling. The one thing that cheered us up was the scenery. The views were simply spectacular. We followed the river tweed for around 10 miles and could not believe just how good our surroundings were. I was getting seriously cold by lunchtime and Peter managed to find a shop in the middle of nowhere serving hot Bovril. Just the job. We made steady progress and finally arrived at Livingston DC just before 4pm. We were greeted at the entrance by Alan Daly and a photographer snapping away.

After photo opportunities inside and out of the building we went to the canteen for some much needed refreshments. Alan then presented us with an envelope containing £250. Fantastic. Definitely worth the effort. So day 13 completed. We have now travelled 865 miles and visited 10 DCs, 6 stores and 3 countries. Tomorrow sends us to Northern Ireland, after we have cycled across Scotland to catch a ferry. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.