Day 14

Day 14 was a day of hello’s and goodbye’s. We said goodbye to Jack(until Friday) and Scotland and hello to Scott and Northern Ireland. Jack has been with us for a week and has kept us all laughing. Scott has a lot to live up to.

Today was always going to be the longest of the tour. We were governed by a ferry crossing to Larne from Troon at 19.15. We knew the distance was manageable but did not know how difficult the terrain would be. Both keen to make good time, we were on the road at 8.45. Miles 4 to 10 were an absolute nightmare. Hill after hill. Luckily it levelled off slightly after that and we just ate up the miles. Even with a lunch stop, we got to Troon, a distance of 60 miles, just after 2pm.

First things first, ice cream on the beach. We rode over to the port and put the bikes in the van and wandered into town for fish and chips. We killed another half an hour with a drink in the local pub before going back to the van to wait for the ferry to arrive. The ferry crossing was very smooth on a calm sea. It lasted just over 2 hours and buy 9.30 we were back on our bikes.

The light was fading fast so were out the hammer down and arrived at Carrickfergus 15 miles away by 10.30. A very long day and 75 miles covered. Tommorrow we have a DC and a store to visit. 6 days left.