Day 17

Yes I’m selfish but today has been a really good day. I woke up another year older but looked forward to visiting Dublin for the first time. Breakfast was fine but we just wanted to get in the road. Before we left we had some work to do on our bikes. The weather the day before made them look like we had ridden them down a mountain and I needed to change my back tyre. It had done me well. I had probably ridden 1500 miles on it but the terrible roads we had ridden on had split the tyre causing it to warp. Tyre changed and bikes cleaned we set off for Donabate DC around 9.15.

At last. Good riding. The wind was behind us for a change and the road was fairly flat. We flew down the road and arrived 30 minutes early. We were met at the site entrance by Stephen Delaney and a group of his managers. Photos done we had refreshments in the canteen followed by a very interesting walk round. Donabate is an excellent example of What Good Looks Like with regard to a Tesco DC. Staff treated well and a great connection with the local community. We can all learn a lot from Donabate.

A quick 12 mile ride got us to Dublin. We checked in the hotel and played at being tourists for the afternoon. We went to see how Guinness was made. My first pint of the black stuff in Dublin came from the Guinness HQ and I can confirm it did taste better here but I had to compare it with a pint from elsewhere so we had to sample more of the same in other establishments. I have to admit, today has not been a difficult day. It’s been very good for me and I’m very lucky to have spent it with some special people that have made an effort just for me. Thanks guys. Tomorrow we get back in good old England for the final push over the weekend. Ireland is a special place and will leave me with good memories.