Day 18

Day 18. Is it? Yes. 17, no 18. Definitely losing it! We woke early in Dublin. We had a 9am ferry to catch so needed to be at the port for 8. We got to the port and realised we were booked on a freight ferry. Most of the cargo was just lorry trailers and just a dozen or so cars. Inside it was the most basic boat. No shop. Nowhere to buy a newspaper to pass the time. It was going to be a very long day. The crossing would take 8 hours and although there was a TV, the time just dragged and dragged. We all tried to get comfortable and sleep but only really dozed for a few minutes at a time.

Finally we docked in Liverpool. We couldn’t start riding until we left the port. Karl had picked up a puncture so he quickly changed his tube and we set off towards Liverpool on a Friday afternoon rush hour. To our surprise the traffic was fairly light and we made good progress to Widnes arriving at around 7pm. So a really easy day today but quite a long one. Back to normal tomorrow. Widnes Extra store first thing followed by Widnes DC, then Stoke Extra in the afternoon. Getting close now. We just want to be home.