Day 20

So, day 20. This is a day we have been wishing for some time. Today we stopped at Lichfield, our last DC on the list. It was never going to be a really tough day but 50 miles now tires us out as much as 80 miles 2 weeks ago. Karl and myself had both been awake since 3am with really sore throats and annoying coughs. We don’t know why this has happened now but wearing wet clothes all day coupled with breathing in vehicle fumes and being generally rundown has to be contributory factors.

We were due at Lichfield at 1pm. We left at 9.30 in generally good weather and the wind behind us for once. We made excellent progress and had to phone ahead to say we would be early. We arrived on site just after midday to a great welcome from Stuart Bown and a group of staff. We stopped for some really good photos before we went inside to a really impressive lunch buffet and refreshments. We had a good rest and chat with everyone while our collection bucket was passed around the warehouse. We left around 1pm heading towards Tamworth.

We get to go home tomorrow. That’s a really strange feeling. We have not spent more than one night in one place for the last 3 weeks. It marks the end of a year of planning and training, not just a 3 week bike ride. I am so proud that despite our own reservations and from others around us, we have kept to our promise and completed the biggest thing either of us have done before. I am worried it will leave a void that will take some time to fill but we both look forward to being able to spend some quality time with the loved ones at home that have gone without us for a long time now. Tomorrow will be emotional for us both. There will be tears. Tears of relief and tears of pride, but we will be home.