Day 21

Home. What a great feeling to be around just normal stuff. It’s been a long time coming but certainly worth it. We left early this morning. We had 30 miles of our journey left with an agreed arrival of 11am. Karl and myself did not have a good night. We both woke ridiculously early. Neither of us have felt well for a couple of days and we were both coughing and sniffing from the early hours. Breakfast was 6.30 sharp and we were ready to leave by 8.15.

The route was A5 all the way, a notoriously busy road. Some parts are duel carriageway so traffic can pass easily but the single carriageway stretches did create some impatient drivers. I was struggling to breathe and the traffic fumes were not helping but the desire to get home was pushing me on. I’m just so glad we only had 30 miles to cover today. We got to the Stobart truck stop around 2 miles away at around 10.15 and spent half an hour with a drink to waste some time. We set off again and rode the last 2 miles side by side.

We turned left at the roundabout outside the DC and were greeted by a cheering crowd of over 50 people including our loved ones. For me it was quite a surreal feeling. I was so glad to be home and really pleased to see everyone, especially my fiancĂ© and parents. I didn’t realise just how tired I was feeling until we stopped. But in a way I was quite sad. This mission has been such a big part of my life for around 15 months now and all of a sudden it’s all over. Everyone was very complimentary to us and shaking our hands and hugging us. It was a proud moment for us both and nice our efforts have been recognised by others. So the ride is over but there is still lots to do. We have collection money to count up and add to the total. I have to contact everyone that promised us money and find out what they will be giving. The van needs to be emptied and returned. Oh yes and we have to go back to work!