Day 3

Day 3 begins with bright sunshine and only a light breeze. Perfect. We started the day 20 miles from Magor and we had planned to arrive at 11am so didn’t have to rush breakfast. Matt and Peter had their usual meeting going through the route to make sure it all made sense. We gave our bikes a quick clean and set off at 9.45.

We had a pleasant journey to the Severn bridge and joined the cycle path over it agreeing to meet the van on the other side. What a fantastic experience. We stopped for photos half way over and really enjoyed the views. We met up on the other side and made good time to Magor DC, arriving bang on 11am. We were met on the roundabout to the entrance by Jason Watts, the General Manager who joined us on a bike for the ride in. We got a fantastic reception when we arrived by the whole management team waving chequered flags and cheering. Straight away were given cold drinks and offered food. Lots of photos were taken in front of their very special dragon outside the entrance before we were shown into the canteen and offered anything we wanted.

Jason stayed and chatted with us while we had a coffee. He presented us with a cheque for £300 with a promise to make it up to £1000 when we got back home. We left Magor and Wales with some very happy memories of people we had never met before and probably never will again. But everyone of them made us feel special for what we are trying to achieve.

Karl and myself left Magor pretty choked up by the whole experience. So we set off bound for Swindon. We had to go back the way we had come and that’s when we started to hit the hills for the first time. These were proper hills. Lungs falling out of your chest hills. We stopped at the same hotel carpark as the previous night and sat on the grass to eat our delicious packed lunches supplied by Magor before setting off again for Swindon. Most of the roads were B roads so we managed to ride together for most of the way but although some of the views and scenery is absolutely stunning, the Cotswold hills stole all our energy and attention.

Before we arrived at Swindon we stopped and paid our respects at Royal Wooton Bassett. We got to our hotel after 6pm having covered some 82 miles on a very warm day. Although this is easily the hardest day so far, it’s also the most enjoyable. So after 3 days we have visited 2 DCs and 2 Stores in 2 Countries. We are on track to knock this event out of the park but really need to see that money start to roll in. Friday sees us at Newbury Extra store before Reading DC. We are also expecting photos and interviews with a local paper. Just another day............