Day 9

Day 9 was never planned as being a particularly busy day. Lincoln to Goole via Goole DC, just over 50 miles. The weather was perfect this morning. Bright sunshine, less wind and warmer than yesterday. We left at 9.30 and had a planned arrival of 3pm, loads of time. The road North was straight and flat and we made great time. We could have actually arrived by 1pm and i phoned ahead to tell them but they asked us to slow down as they wouldn’t be ready for us.

We checked in the hotel early before going to the DC which was only around half aile away. We arrived at Goole DC dead on 3pm to the sound of tractor units sounding their horns and the welcome party clapping and cheering. And what do you know, the local press were there. Lots of photos were taken including one of a bucket containing over £200 being handed over to us. Then we were interviewed! A strange experience for 2 shrinking violets like Karl and myself. A lovely spread had been laid on for us in the canteen and we chatted with some of the managers for a while before we left. A great welcome. Thank you Goole DC.

Tomorrow sees unchartered territory for both of us. Our target is Northallerton. Over 70 miles on roads that will start to get hillier. We also have a stop planned at York Extra store. Now the hard work starts. I have been training for this bike ride as best I can for over a year. I have changed my lifestyle by adapting my diet and stopped drinking to be a fitter person. I have spent a lot of hours in the saddle in the last 9 days and can honestly say i am really starting to see some real my tan lines ;)