Show Me The Money!

5 weeks. That´s all we have left now until we start. The training is fine. I´m feeling strong and healthy and confident I am where I should be. A year in the making. Countless hours in the saddle through the winter and getting back home with no feeling in my feet or hands. Hundreds of pounds of our own money spent on items we need to take. Walkie talkies, warning signs for the van, roller banners etc The list never seems to reduce and that is on top of the cycling shorts, sunglasses, shoes, gloves, helmets, insurance etc etc etc.

We have travelled to Coventry every Friday morning after working a nightshift only to be stretched and manipulated into positions that are just not natural. We have given complete commitment to this task and are desperate for it to succeed and I believe we have gone about it in a realistic and professional manner. I don´t think we could have done it differently. So why am I not satisfied?

We have done this for one reason. We want to raise as much money as we possibly can for the Tesco Charity Partnership. This is no small feat. It´s not a cake bake or dress down day. This is 1400 miles in 4 countries in 20 days. This event should command interest from a broad audience and attract some major sponsors.

It is showing Tesco in a positive way at a time when media coverage for the company is rarely positive. At the moment we have £270 donated to us. We are grateful to everyone that has been kind enough to commit to us financially but is this event really only worth £270? Have we over-estimated the value of the event? Are we panicking too early? It just feels to me we should have more finances in place.

If you are reading this and haven´t donated yet, PLEASE do. Every donation makes a difference. If you have donated, thank you. One more thing you could do for us is to pass our details on to your friends and family so they can be as generous as you.

Trying to be optimistic