Last week we were really panicking. 5 weeks to go before we set off and £270 in sponsorship. Improvement has been solid. We have now tripled our sponsorship to over £800 with some very generous contributions and £100 cash to pay in. We also have over £200 on sponsor forms still to be collected.

What a difference a week makes.

Not wishing to put a downer on things, we are still a long way off of our target and the start date is rapidly approaching now. We have 1 more pay day until we leave with still lots to buy to take with us but we will be ready. Nothing will stop us setting off on 2nd June. I have even gone against my principles and started using Twitter to spread the word.

We both managed to make some very worthwhile connections last week. We managed our first face to face with Ian Brown, Distribution Director as well as Tracy Pinnock, his PA. Tracy has already secured us almost £400 with a promise of more to follow.

James Golding, our man at the bike shop came in and agreed to do a two day promotion on site on 14/15 May to drive the Cycle to Work scheme and offer some good deals to all colleagues.

This all coincides nicely with raising awareness for the ride. I do not think we can do any more than we are doing. We just need to keep calm believe that all will fall into place.